Gardan Sewn Construction is still one of the best and flexible processes in the manufacture of protective covers.

Sewn bellows offer the greatest variety of materials sizes and configurations, as well as the best possible extended retracted ratios.

Sewn bellows are available with standard and custom accessories, including a wide variety of mounting flanges, grommets, internal guides, stiffeners, hose clamps, zipper, velcro and tie strips.

Sewn bellows are available without set up charges or tooling costs making them ideal for end users looking for cover solutions in low quantity lots.

Standard covers are sewn with nylon or kevlar stainless steel thread. In severe applications, where seams are subjected to extremely abrasive conditions, a liquid elastomer coating can be added for greater life.

Gardan sewn bellows are the most practical, cost effective solutions for many applications.

 Non-Metallic Duct or Bellow Type Expansion Joints are produced in a variety of configurations to meet the application requirement. The elastomer coated fabric can be manufactured to fit the existing bolt pattern of air or gas ducting systems. Accordion Bellows & Way Covers are available in a wide variety of different shapes. Bellows used in industrial applications will shield sensitive equipment from the harsh corrosive environments commonly found.
Sewn Bellows and Way Covers are designed with various combinations of Elastomer-Coated fabrics sewn together. Folded Sewn Bellow Way Covers are designed of a single piece of Elastomer-Coated Fabric sewn together to specification.
Ball Screw Bellows may be aided by internal guides to keep the bellows from making contact with the spinning shaft. Linear Bearing Way Covers are bellows type way covers designed to protect linear bearing rails from dust, dirt, chips and other abrasives for all makes and models.
Stock Bellows & Way Cover Kits are items that are available for QUICK delivery from stock.Stocks: Die Set Shields, Convoluted, Rod Boots, Way Cover, Liner Rail Way Cover Kits, Expansion Joint Replacement Boots, and Flexible Fittings. Stock Bellows & Way Cover Kits are items that are available for QUICK delivery from stock.
Ball Screw, Ball Bushing and Ball Spline Covers are designed for precision ball screws, splines and ball bushings to protect from harmful abrasive particles to maintain their accuracy and efficiency. Stock Rod Boots provide maximum protection against cylinder rod scoring from chips, abrasive particles. Rod boots are available in stock sizes without tooling charges or minimum order quantities.
Linear Rail Covers are high quality, durable, elastomer coated fabric covers designed to protect linear bearing rails from dust, dirt, chips, oils, coolants, sparks and other abrasives.Available in sizes to fit all makes and models of all rail manufacturers. Linear Rail covers are manufactured of elastomer coated fabric materials and equipped with stiffeners to ensure solid, lasting support.

Customized sizes are available for special equipment and new products.

When you consider the results:

Lower maintenance costs
Increased service life
And a more saleable product…

Gardan Bellow Seal Boots become more attractive.



  • Bellows
  • Boots
  • Way Covers
  • Zippered Covers
  • Tension Shade Rollers
  • Rotating Bellows
  • Ball Screw Covers
  • Linear Slide Bellows
  • Linear Motion Bellows
  • Expansion Bellows
  • Expansion Boot
  • Protective Boot
  • Custom designed to protect machine parts from dirt & chips without restricting machine movement.
  • Hi-heat applications
  • Prototype
  • Short & Medium Run Production
  • Small to Large Sizes
  • Neoprene
  • Teflon®/Glass
  • Aluminum/Glass
  • Stainless Steel Thread
  • Telescopic Cylinder Cover
  • Multi-Stage Bellow Boot Covers
  • Antenna Bellows
  • Actuator Bellows
  • Shaker Boot
  • Shaker Bellows
  • Construction Equipment Bellows
  • Damper Bellows
  • Damper Boot
  • Zippered Bellows
  • Zippered Boot
  • Ball screw Boot
  • Ball screw Bellows
  • Protective Bellows